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9 thoughts on “windsurfing

  1. I keep coming back to the second one, lower right corner. Is that a mermaid or someone who has nearly been eating by a shark while doing pushups on the ocean floor? It’s bothering me because I very much want it to be a mermaid but I have a disquieting feeling it’s underwater carnage.


  2. May I please intrude upon your time a little more? Thanks, I’ll take your silence for consent. 😀

    If you have the time and motivation would you please explain (in more than a few words – you’re economical with them, that’s for sure) the background to what you do? You know, from ideas to completion, is there a place and process? Was the idea to draw on tags one of economy or texture?

    Millions of people are waiting. I’m just the pushy one who asked. Seriously, I can’t draw a straight line but I’m fascinated by some who can. I’d like to fill my house with your art. It’s really refreshing, quirky, and interesting, and now I’ve said enough nice things about you that, y’know, you’re sort of obliged to answer. 😀


    1. I’m not used to analysing my Art to a great degree. The thing is, the more I concentrate, the worse it looks. It’s doodlingn in the purest form and sometimes I surprise myself. I can ‘draw things’ that I concentrate on and they look… ok… mostly, but the stuff *I* like best is barely thought of. I might think ‘oh, this scene is dull, let’s put a hat on the duck’s head’ but not set out to make Hat Head Duck art.
      I have two examples to put up. One was an attempt at a large A3 piece which Went Wrong when ink dropped on someone’s face. Another, that I’ll put up soon, is the sort of doodling I do around notes of ‘important things to do’. I often like this better than the hard-work sort.

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